Get Rid of Unwanted Hair for Good

Arrange for laser hair removal services in Rocky Hill, CT

There's nothing wrong with having body hair. But if you're looking to clean up your hair before swimsuit season, the pros at Esthetics PLLC can help. We offer laser hair removal services in Rocky Hill, CT.

Rest assured that we'll remove your hair quickly and effectively. We use state-of-the-art equipment to target hair follicles and stop them from growing new hairs. To learn more about our laser hair removal treatments, get in touch today.

Why choose Allegra IPL?

The Allegra IPL excels in hair removal. By offering multiple HR modalities from a single hand piece, we can ensure comfortable and precise treatment for any area, on any patient. The three different HR modes of the Allegra IPL allow safe and effective treatments. One of the most desired modalities available is the Rapid Hair Removal (RHR) mode. RHR mode is a continuous motion feature that allows large areas of the body to be completed in a fraction of the time. With the RHR mode, a full back or set of legs can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Additional hair removal modalities include a standard IPL mode and Fractional Pulse (FP) mode. The FP mode allows for complete customization of power and timing output for more in depth and detailed treatments. The Allegra IPL is safe for all Fitzpatrick skin types