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They say you have to look your best to feel your best. But that can be hard if spider veins are hindering your confidence. Rely on ZL Esthetics PLLC to help you feel happier and healthier. We offer vein reduction treatments in Rocky Hill, CT.

We use light energy to produce heat in your veins, which in turn causes the walls of your veins to collapse. After a few weeks, the treated veins will fade and be reabsorbed by your body. This will help to reduce redness and improve your skin's overall appearance.

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Why choose Allegra IPL?

The Allegra IPL can remove Rosacea, superficial Telangiectasias, small angiomas, and other vascular related lesions. Precise wavelengths and treatment protocol's allow providers to cauterize and blanch the vessels. The patient can visually see the vessels are removed since the vessels disappear immediately after treatment. The unique double pulsing technique of the Allegra for vascular lesions allows the vessels to be removed without unsightly purpura that can last for weeks.